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Living by Our Christian Values: Together in Faith, Hope and Love

Religious Education

In teaching RE, we follow the Leeds Anglican Diocesan Syllabus supported by the Church of England's 'Understanding Christianity' resource. Visits to places of worship enhance children's understanding of different faiths.


Father Christopher visited our early years children to teach them about prayer and about why some people chose to pray. 


 Year 6 children explored the power of prayer within their RE lessons and many of them chose to respond and reflect through dance. 

RE Visits and Visitors

A range of visits and visitors enhance the children's understanding and experience of faiths and belief. 


The National Holocaust Centre Outreach programme helped Year 6 understand the impact of the Holocaust.

They followed this by exploring the effects of isolation and persecution, and the importance of respecting people who are different to themselves.  They used movement and dance to represent this understanding and empathy.  


 Visiting a Hindu Temple

Hindu Mandir

 Visiting a Synagogue



Visiting St John's Church

Father Christopher spoke to Year 1 and 2 about Christian baptism and showed them important symbols and special objects used during this celebration.  




RE through Artwork: Creation

Children in Years 1 to 6 explored the creation story in Genesis 1, through creative media.


Creation Art


Hand to Mouth: Godly Play

Godly Play is a unique approach to RE that invites children to wonder about themselves, God and the world in a way that is playful and meaningful to them. We have explored Advent, creation, the Good Samaritan and other aspects in this way.


Godly Play

 RE through cooking

Year 6 children were given a basic bread dough and asked to add ingredients to symbolise something important to them.  

Other Faiths


Year 1 and 2 children made Challah Bread - a Jewish bread eaten on special occasions. They also designed their own Shabbat - a special cloth to cover the bread. 

Challah Bread

 The children then learnt about how a Menorah is used during Hanukkah then going on to produce their very own Menorah. 



Hinduism: Diwali

Class 2 explored the question 'What are the deeper meanings of festivals?' Within their work, they looked at different festivals within other religions including Pesach, Diwali and Easter.

Diwali KS2

 Reception and Nursery children discovered Diwali through lots of exciting activities. The children enjoyed dressing up in traditional Indian clothing, recreating 'Rama and Sita' with a puppet show, creating their own Rangoli patterns outside with chalk and making their own diva lamps.  

Diwali EYFS